Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Month In The Life--April 18, 2010

It finally happened.  I hit the crisis point today. I took one look at my trashed house, at my uncompleted projects and then at my email and just shut down.

So, I took the day off.

Be back tomorrow, hopefully with my head on straight. Off now to attempt to get some sleep--if we're all lucky, maybe I'll manage it.

A Month in the Life--April 17, 2010

First things first--have a new cover:

When Marcellin Dautin is named the Elder of Venice, fledgling vampire Marguerite and her husband Gunther agree to accompany him in hopes of learning more about the Russian revolt against the Conclave of Elders. After an ancient renegade vampire murders the Doge, they are drawn into a dangerous hunt for the assassin.

But as Marguerite's powers grow, so too does the danger. Some vampires oppose Marcellin's rule over Venice, the renegade has begun to stalk Marguerite and her old Russian enemies are determined to capture her and the Elder's sword she bears. While Venice dances through the Carnivale season, Gunther must lay aside all restraint to protect his young wife. Can they remain true to the Covenants they've pledged to preserve or will their love shatter under the strain of Warding the Covenants?
I totally love that cover and I'm completely excited about the release of this new book.  I think you'll all enjoy it a lot; I hope you will.

In other news, I got Lizzie T. Leaf's second round of edits to her and spent the majority of the afternoon working on a project that I can't tell you about until sometime next week.  Funny how that works.  Then I got another 7k written on Terella and spent the rest of the day working on things for the convention.

I am almost to the point where I'll be glad when the convention is here.  I'm really looking forward to it--mostly because all the work will be done at that point.

A Month In The Life--April 16, 2010

And just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, that the halfway point of the month would make certain that I was over the hump of the hill of horrors, I got to go to my doctor's appointment this morning.  Considering the pain level yesterday and the results of my latest diagnostic tests, it's back to the operating table for me.  It's probably a good thing you're getting a month in the life now because next month I won't be posting much at all.  I have a reprieve until the end of RT, and then I'm going to have to take enough time off to recover from another foray under the surgeon's knife.


At any rate, I worked on more RT things this afternoon, and got about 11k written between the fourth Mythos book (this one's about Hercules!) and the third Covenants book (and oh the surprises coming there!) and spent another couple of hours doing research for a new project that's churning away at the back of my head--an alternate history set in Tudor England.

It was nice to spend some time as I used to spend it--working on my writing, doing some research and dwelling in that secret place in my head where all these ideas percolate into new and usually long stories. I'm looking forward to the day--not too far off--where I can live there exclusively for a couple of weeks.

Until then, I'll keep you up to date. 

A Month In The Life--April 15, 2010

This post is going to be very short. I don't have a heck of a lot to tell.

I spent four hours at the vet's this morning with a very sick cat.  By the time I got home, my pain level was so high that it was all I could do to get to the couch.  Once there, I had a couple of conferences and did some editing.  I ended up taking my breakthrough pain medication about five o'clock, which knocked me out until midnight.  Then, of course, I was up for the rest of the night.  I worked on RT promotional things until 5:30 a.m.

Now it's time to switch to the April 16 post, which is really funny.  To me, it feels all like the same day.