Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shoot the Muse

Why is it that my muse and I are never on the same page?


As of late, whenever I set aside time to work on a specific project, I find myself compelled to write about something completely different. For example, I am trying very hard to get Coils completed. I'm almost desperate to whip the plot into shape for the last half of the book (mostly so I can find out what happens); I've worked and reworked the story line for three months but so far it hasn't become what I want for it to be. So, having some involuntary time off from work this week, I set aside five hours a day to work on it and try to get the damn thing done.

The result? Well, I finished my new erotica novella The Stone Table, wrote a new short story, and have developed the Dragon's Den anthology story beyond my original expectations. How many words have I written on Coils?

Two sentences. Twenty seven words --and that's counting articles.

Even my old stand-by, music, hasn't helped. I develop playlists for each project I'm working on. I use specific music to work on specific projects--kind of like a jumpstart, if you will. Now, all of a sudden, my project-specific playlists are interchangeable. Hmmph! I'm writing erotica to "Star Wars" battle music, and I'm NOT happy about it.

As soon as I figure out a solution, I'll let you guys know.