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Almost Time

Wow. My publishing company, Musa Publishing, is six hours away from opening.

I'm not going to blog much about Musa here. This is my writing blog, not my Musa blog.  But today is kind of a special day for me.  All those times I sat around in my darkened office, grumbling over a beer and a smoke and saying, "If I was a publisher, I wouldn't be THIS stupid." are coming back to haunt me now.  Now OTHER people will be saying that about ME.

Hopefully not.

At the moment, I think we're in outstanding shape.  We have a HUGE release schedule, going to 7 or 8 books a week by December.  We have a core of 80 authors and 24 staff members, and everything has been working so well. Everyone is excited and putting their best foot forward and we are turning out some amazing books. You can take a look at our initial offerings at to see what I mean.

AND, that includes the Aurora Regency imprint I slaved over the past year and a half.  We managed to buy the impr…