Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Denouement

So, I'm at the denouement of Deception and I'm tiptoeing around it like it's got the chicken pox. I write a little bit of it, then shake my head and say "nah" and go back and tinker with it. This is not how I usually write. It's just that this is my first stab at a book that's not set in a world I made up and I keep forgetting that we people who live down here on Earth have rules and prejudices and systems that prevent me from my usual technique.

My usual technique is to just blurt it out and the rest of the characters look at each other, shrug, pick up their weapons and get ready to go fight.

That won't work this time.

So I'm sculpting it bit by bit, waiting for the spark of inspiration to tell me how in the hell I'm going to convince my main character that things like time travel and psychic bondage are not only real, but occurring all around her without her knowledge.

I have to admit, it's making me sweat a bit.

In other news, my good friends at AuthorScoop posted an interview with me today in their new section "Five Minutes With..." I was rather flustered to be asked to do the interview, but it's up. You should check out AuthorScoop anyway--it's the place to go for literary news and there's a backlog of great articles there. It's a good way to waste away an afternoon, and come out of it with new knowledge. Go check it out.

I'll be busy slithering around this denouement and trying to make it work.