Friday, September 22, 2006


Man, have I been busy. I've been too damn busy to blog. That's scary. Let's get you guys updated on my latest work---should be good for a laugh if nothing else.

The anthology story is going through a final polish and I expect to post it tonight at the Dragon's Den. It's much tighter now (at least, I think so) and the story has a better flow to it. I think I've managed to solidify Quodas and Mneston as characters and I am enjoying a new dynamic between them.

Book Two of the Shequanti is having to undergo a new revision. Somehow, after I lost 15,000 words of a 30k manuscript I replaced them with 22k. Yep....WAY over sized now. *sigh* only me.

Killed off a new Elf today. I let him hand around for half a chapter before I impaled him a la Vlad Dracula and had an arthroscorpio devour him....while still alive. MWahahahahahaha!

I'm so mean.

Hmmm.....actually wrote 3k on Darkshifters today. As soon as I get my pressing projects done, I'll have to jump into that with both feet. Unfortunately, my time may be pressed ever more than usual between now and the holidays.

YAY! I'm buying a new house!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have pics for you guys soon. In case you couldn't tell, I'm VERY excited.

Went to a three day auction this week. I spent a grand on antiques and couldn't tell you a single damn thing I bought. Okay, that's a fib: I bought two dining room sets for 70 bucks.


I also bought a toy brass bed. The kitten has appropriated it in the misguided belief that (A) anything new is hers (B) I would ever allow anything remotely looking like a toy in my home and (C) that I won't notice. The other cats get slapped if THEY try to nap on the brass bed.

Oh! And a news flash---I've outlined a new Mythos story. Looks like Pan will have his say after all. *grin* Anyone waiting for the Queen of the Hive? It's outlined too. Hehehehehe.