Thursday, July 26, 2007

Promo Schmomo

I don't know why I think I'm so damn funny.

So, the promotional blitz continues. My last two days have been devoted solely to coming up with ways to promote Asphodel. It's really hard to come up with an idea that (a) hasn't been done to death and (b) isn't annoying. I've given up on (a)...I'm still working on (b).

Have you guys noticed that, while there are countless review sites and opportunities for free publicity for romance authors, there are very few for speculative fiction authors? It almost makes me want to build another site, although the last thing I need is to have to maintain and moderate it ad nauseum. Without helpful places like Love Romances & More or JERR to rely upon (although I could accurately claim that due to the strong romantic element in Asphodel it could qualify as a romance novel) I'm having to come up with my own ideas.

Boy, I hate that. It's hard enough to do when WRITING much less promoting.

Where is the site that I can just post something like this:

My book, The Reckoning of Asphodel, is a darn good read. Go buy
it. Then tell your friends how awesome it is.

I'd probably have trouble doing that too.

So, anyway, I've sent out press releases, which felt so darn presumptuous that I cringed every time I hit the send button. I've redone ye olde website. I've made a new book trailer (you can see it below) and FINALLY succeeded in getting it posted onto YouTube. I've only been able to get it on the smaller video sharing sites up to now. I finished a newsletter (like anyone really gives a rat's patootie about my world) and it's ready to send out. Now, all I have left of the (a) option is to inundate Myspace (oh won't my kids be embarassed? I'm making them embed my video *snort!*) and then continue my search for other 'new' ways to promote.

Allow me to give you a caveat--I have absolutely refused to spend a dime on this. I promised that I would wait until the book was staggering along its hopeful path to popularity before I strained the family resources with expensive promotional gimmicks. First on the list--my own domain. Then, maybe, someone to do all of these annoying trailers and promo posts and maybe even to redesign my website and make it killer.

Not this blog, though. *grin* It's my baby.

At any rate, back to the grind. We'll see if I find the Philosopher's Stone of cyber-promotion. If I do, though, you're not getting the secrets! Mine...MINE!