Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Not Quite So Normal Day

Today is a strange day. I'm lying in bed with my new laptop checking up on all the day's events.

To start off with, I'm sick. I actually went to the doctor yesterday, and he actually lectured me severely and put me on antibiotics and about the nastiest freaking cough medicine I've ever had. I actually took it BACK to Walgreens and paid another 3 bucks to get flavoring put in it. Now it's only marginally nauseous. Bubble gum with a kick.

Then yesterday, I got my lawsuit settlement. Oh joy! I get to wallow in the happiness of being temporarily well-to-do, then I get to write a whole bunch of checks and lose it all in a week. Oh well! At least I got the laptop out of it.

Then, I watched the news. I watch the news every morning. I am, as they say, a news junkie. Yesterday, I laughed all day long about Maurice Clarett getting busted again (if you don't follow football, you won't know who he is) but today there's not a lot to laugh about. Thank god someone was able to bust up the terrorist plot in London! However, by the same token, it does make me wonder a bit about the 11 'students' at Montant State from Egypt who 'disappeared' en route to school last week. Something tells me that they didn't get them all.

Aside from that, I'm having a hard time convincing the kitten that attacking fingers moving quickly on the new laptop is NOT a good idea. She's a little stubborn, so it might take a few days. In a bit, I'll transfer all my web stuff to this computer and leave the desktop for my writing! Hurray!

*cough, cough*

Time to take more medicine and turn on CNN.