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The First Asphodel Promo

Right click for the pull down menu to start after it's finished loading.

Making Flash movies has never been this easy!

Sometimes people make me want to spew

Okay, to start off with everyone knows I am NOT a dog person. I don't like things that make loud noises, drool on my furniture, and require me to exercise frequently.

That being said....

Last night I was working at the bar. A bar regular from up the street walks in with a dog. Not just any dog. This dog appears to be a pit bull/dalmatian mix (what idiot allowed THAT to happen?) and a puppy on top of that--maybe a couple of months old. Apparently, the puppy was running up and down the street in the MIDDLE of the street for an hour.

As best we can figure, someone dropped the puppy off at the Fairgrounds across the street. He obviously is NOT an outdoor dog. He's solid white and extremely clean, and completely clueless as to the fear factor assigned to things like cars and trucks. So my friend brings him to the bar in the hopes that he can find the owner. He can't take the dog in himself and it's below zero outside.

Yep, you guessed it. I called home and had them …