Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Reflections

A stream of consciousness ...

Why is it that my mother in law think I like glittery things? Do I sound like the kind of person who appreciates the fashion value of lame'?

Why is it easier to finish a story than to start it?

Why is it that no matter how much you think you're ahead, something always happens to put you behind again?

Carnies. 'Nuff said.

So, in the long run, is it better to be 'published' or is it better to avoid the pressure and just write for fun?

How is it possible that when I offer up my pearls of wisdom on a writer's forum, some people just don't think it's enough? Is it necessary for me to do the work for OTHER people who are too lazy?ineffectual?stupid? to do it for themselves? (and NO this isn't directed at DD)

Just someone explain how it is that I told my boss today was my birthday and he still scheduled me to work.

Presidential politics...bogus or criminally bogus--and WAY too early.

When do parents stop being parents? Will I be 70 before I stop quaking in my boots when my dad calls?

When do kids stop being kids?

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys'R'us kid....with a laptop.

When is a surgery judged a success? Is it somewhere between "You survived it." and "These complications were to be expected."????

The anonymity of the web is great--for plagiarists and shit-stiring trlols.

And no, life isn't fair. Even good people get stomped on by meanies on the path of success.

Wow. They found Blackbeard's ship! Time to go snorkeling.

How long before I can get back to writing?????