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God's Sense of Humor, pt. 1

So you've heard me claim that God hasn't much of a sense of humor, right? I take it back. Within a few minutes of posting my last blog entry, I came down sick. Not just spring cold sick either. A bone-chilling, joint-aching, fever-ridden case of full-blown flu. Even on my laptop, it's impossible to huddle under ten quilts and type at the same time. I'm feeling just well enough to crank out this blog and do some hand corrections on Darkshifters at the moment.

More indications of the Divine Comedy? Let's see--it's rained for 8 days consecutively...only 32 more to go until the ark has to be done. My job which was supposed to be 2 days a week--no more--has suddenly blossomed into a five day a week behemoth. My brother actually used a polysyallbic term in a conversation last night (granted, the term was 'bondsman' but who am I to quibble?) which I'm reasonably positive has never happened before.

Oh, and President Bush has a *plan* for stopping ill…