Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mega-Rant-Warning! Danger ahead!

I hate the weekends.

Friday through Sunday my days are not my own. Having reached the decision to cram a week's worth of work into 2 1/2 days so I can do unimportant things like...oh, I don't know--pay my is absolutely driving me nuts to be trapped in the same space with a whole slew of drunks when I could be working.


Let me just tell you all first thing that no matter how funny you THINK you are when you're drunk, the only sober person in the room is invariably NOT amused.


Particularly if aforesaid sober person is trying to work through a plot snag on her notepad secreted in the back corner of the bar while you whine and bitch on your barstool. Oh? And tapping that empty beer bottle on the bar to get the sober person's attention does NOT equate "Excuse me, Celina, I'm sorry to bother you but can I have another beer?"

No. It's Morse Code for "I am an asshole." After about three taps it becomes permanent Morse Code for "I am a THIRSTY asshole."

I mean seriously! You guys think I'm vindictive when I blog? You should see me when I tend bar! Geesch.

THEN, imagine my surprise to discover that not only is my weekend screwed up but that not one but two bartenders are 'unavailable to work this week.' Yep--you guessed it. I get to work the Fourth of July when the carnival and fireworks are across the street from the bar. Huh? Okay, well there goes another day of work this week. Freaking lovely. I should be in bed right now hoping for a few hours of sleep. Instead I have to get myself kicked into high gear on the off-chance that I have to produce 80,000 words in the next week. Just to add insult to injury I have to work open to close next Sunday. Just to put that into perspective, that's 11 a.m. Sunday morning to 2:30 am Monday morning.


How lovely. At any rate, I'm sitting at a fairly comfortable 37,691 words at the moment. If push comes to shove I can do a quick cleanup of the first three chapters and write a final chapter to submit. Still, it's a grind. *grin* Story's fun to write though.

In other news, the first beta reader is about halfway through the anthology. So far the response is fairly positive. The second beta should have his response in some time this week. Hopefully, it will exceed our expectations.

Oh well. Back to the millstone. I'll let you guys know if I survive it.