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Motivation Schmotivation


Boy, that was a bad pun.

At any rate, as much as I preach about writing something every day, i find myself staring helplessly at the computer screen for hours at a time. Granted, lately I've been so involved with things outside of my writing and inarguably more important (life issues suck) but what in the HECK happened to my ability to block everything else out and just write?

Part of it may have disintegrated when I discovered that a hospital waiting room is not the best place to write erotica--particularly when the asshole sitting behind you is reading over your shoulder (pig) and THEN gets offended. Talk about a mood killer. Needless to say, I mad sure to sit in a corner with my back to the wall after that.

Part of it may have to do with the fact that I'd initially said I would not write on deadline this summer in an attempt to get my "real" writing rhythm back--then collapsed morally and agreed to do not one but two contracted stories. Sometimes I have the b…

Promo, Promo, Promo

Yo ho ho and a bottle of promo (yeah the pirate talk was deliberate; I haven't had a chance to see Captain Jack Sparrow yet, me maties) as Celina bounces down the winding trail of not having any promotion done yet. This promotional thing is a huge boil on my butt. First off, there seem to be a LOT of scam artists out there who pop up everytime I google *new book promotion* or *fantasy novel publicity*. Quite annoying. Let me give me my perspective on those people:

A) If I wanted to PAY someone to do this, I would.

B) If I PAID someone to do this, then THEY would do it -- not me.

C) If your "proven program" works so damn well, then why do I have to do all the work and why don't I know your name?


So I have to make up my own way. Pfffffffffft. I started out by updating ye olde blog. Like it? I'm getting a bit better at the flash movie thing, so I thought I'd regurgitate more of my work for you. Now it's on to the websites. Oh yippie.

(Yes, this is just a…

And now it's crunch time

After yet another emergency trip down south, I am now once again behind.

This really ticks me off. It's not like I TRY to get behind. I've had to be good in real life lately so that's made me bad in writing life. So I'm locking myself away until Saturday and getting everything done. *grin* Fortunately, I'm quick. That helps a lot.

So I have more edits due on Asphodel, which is looking like an end of June release, plus as much promo as I can drum up for it, plus another 28k due to Changeling inthe same amount of time, plus getting the anthology submission ready and forwarding it on to my editor, plus trying to get SOME new writing done just to be different. Nah, I'm not busy.

In other news, I watched a fascinating show on the History Channel last night about the legacy of Star Wars. (Yes, I take out two hours a day for shows I want to watch--so sue me) The show was an exploration of the mythic origins of the Star Wars story and how archetypal themes and ch…

Just paint a target on my forehead....

Why is it that every time I express a strong opinion I get creamed for it? Is it illegal for me to be convinced of something to the point where I can be passionate about it without someone lobbing a dart at my head? Am I THAT intimidating?

For example, over the past week the health situation within my family has deteriorated significantly. I expressed ONE opinion about what should happen next when it comes time to make health care decisions and I was lambasted for it by an aunt I haven't seen in ten years. Do you know what it's like to get a phone call EARLY one morning with someone squawking words like *ungrateful* *unfeeling* and *unsympathetic* at you? I mean, Jesus H. Christ! Come off it lady! You're just pissed because I'm in a position where my opinion counts and you are shunted off to the side as irrelevant.

Get a clue.

The upside of hospital waiting room for days on end is IF you have all of your edits downloaded you can get them ALL done.


Although si…

Someone stop the world, please

Jesus. Has it really been that long? Yep, it has. I haven't written a WORD in three weeks. Naturally, that will change today, but for the moment it's kind of....refreshing.

Refreshed is a good word to use here. Today, I WANT to write. Oh sure, I was able to jot down some stuff while sitting in the ICU waiting room for endless days on end.

Ideas, mostly; a few snippets of conversation or character sketches. I amused myself one day for hours and developed a whole new world to play with---no characters yet, but I'm working on it. Or at least, I will....if I can ever get caught up with my edits.

*pauses for semi-hysterical laughter*

Yeah. Like that will happen. I'll never get caught up. Never. Yes, I realize that is negative. I thrive on negativity. It goads me. Leave me alone; I'll never change.

So anyway, I'm back. Spidey 3 is out (no I haven't seen it. do you think I have time for a movie?) and Pirates will be out soon and we're only a couple …