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In for a penny, in for a pound

The Shequanti is done. *gasp!* I thought for a while there it was never going to happen. I have written--get this--TWELVE different endings for the book. Twelve. I think I finally found a way to resolve my least I hope I did because the editor has it now.

At any rate--freedom! Glorious freedom! Nothing going on but big edits! I could take some time off, maybe READ a few books, catch up on critiquing at the Dragon's Den...



I am now over 3k into a new project. Damnit. After hearing for several months now that I needed to write something *more commercial* I was putzing around yesterday trying to come up with ideas. Werewolves? There have been a lot of werewolves lately. Shapeshifters? Already working on that-- (remind me to tell you about the yagremlins some other time). Vampires?

Ah, vampires. The mythos of the vampire is portrayed so perfectly in Anne Rice's early books (I'm not partial to anything after The Vampire Lestat) that I'd nev…