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Requiem for a Collaborator

Impy 1999-2011
Strange, to be coming back to my  blog.  My days have been so busy that blogging falls way down on the list of priorities.  But right now, I feel like I need to blog about something very unusual--at least for this blogger.

Last week, we lost our cat Impy.

Now before you run away, screaming, to something more interesting than a post about a cat, let me tell you about Impy first.  Impy was my first writing partner.  He was a young stud Maine Coon when I wrote the prologue of The Reckoning of Asphodel, which was the first significant writing I'd done in over ten years.  He sat on my lap for hours back in the days when we were too poor for luxuries like internet and cable, when my husband was working two jobs to keep our heads above water and I was too badly injured to work.  He would curl up in a ball--all twenty plus pounds of him, purring, and somehow manage to stay out of my way while I worked.  When I got up to get something to eat, he'd follow me to the kitche…