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Haunted by my Mother

I've decided my mom isn't done with me yet. Ever since she passed away in December, I've sort of tinkered with the thought that maybe....just maybe....she's haunting me. Today, I reached definitive proof.

I received a call a few minutes ago from my publisher. It turns out that the contracts I sent to them were not only not signed (hunh?) but also that I'd sent a duplicate set with a different book title, et cetera on it.

Allow me to state for the record that I have consumed no hallucinogens in a very, very long time. That being said, what in the hell? Granted, occasionally I might *forget* to record a check in my checkbook, but forget to sign a book contract? For a two-book deal?

Not bloody likely.

Also, the alternate title for the book was something I'd never even considered, so how in the heck did it end up on the contract?

Pretty freaking weird.

A few other things have happened that lead me to this conclusion as well. Yesterday, after the auction, I sat …

A Long-Suffering Sigh

Isn't life grand? The whole plagiarism thing really got my blood pressure spiked last night--it's the one thing I cannot reconcile with posting work on the internet. Getting up every morning and googling your own titles or character names just to make certain some yabbo hasn't stolen it is beyond annoying. You know what's even more annoying?

How absolutely ridiculous some people are.

I read in the Dragon's Den yesterday about how joey (moderator at found one of her stories (just published in Quantum Muse) on this imbecile's blog, and how, consequently, Bibsy found one of hers as well. So, I went to check it out for two reasons: first off, I couldn't comprehend that someone was really that abyssmally stupid (stole stories and didn't even change the titles? come on, already!) and second, to see if there were any other stories I recognized. Naturally, I found a third theft....apparently this ignoramous only likes to steal from one ezine.

At any rate, …