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Promo, Promo, Promo

Yo ho ho and a bottle of promo (yeah the pirate talk was deliberate; I haven't had a chance to see Captain Jack Sparrow yet, me maties) as Celina bounces down the winding trail of not having any promotion done yet. This promotional thing is a huge boil on my butt. First off, there seem to be a LOT of scam artists out there who pop up everytime I google *new book promotion* or *fantasy novel publicity*. Quite annoying. Let me give me my perspective on those people:

A) If I wanted to PAY someone to do this, I would.

B) If I PAID someone to do this, then THEY would do it -- not me.

C) If your "proven program" works so damn well, then why do I have to do all the work and why don't I know your name?


So I have to make up my own way. Pfffffffffft. I started out by updating ye olde blog. Like it? I'm getting a bit better at the flash movie thing, so I thought I'd regurgitate more of my work for you. Now it's on to the websites. Oh yippie.

(Yes, this is just a…