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And more e-piracy notes

So let me ask you: am I unreasonable to think that all copyrighted material should be paid for?

Seriously, what is the difference between downloading a book and a song? Or a movie? Or art? Is the line between public domain and e-piracy blurred beyond recognition?

For example, I've been doing book trailers. Every image that I use is either (a) mine for the purpose of promoting my book, (b) a classical work of art with the original artist dead and thus in the public domain or (c) downloaded from a free image site. Sure, I could make much cooler trailers using screenshots of great fantasy art but I don't. I stick to the images that I can obtain legally. The same thing goes for the music I use. Mozart is dead. His music is public domain. No one owns the copyright to the Requiem Mass.

Now then, here's where it gets sticky. Let's say that someone owns a CD of music. They put the CD into their computer, copy the music, and use that as a basis for a book trailer. Let's say th…