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Just Some News...And Some Begging...

So Temptation of Asphodel finally made it to Fictionwise. Now that it's for sale not only on the AMP website but the big two e-book distributors, I feel a little bit better. It's been in the queue to be released on Fictionwise since it was published--I'm not sure why it took so long for them to get it up on their site. I'm going to assume that the holidays had something to do with it.

My short story anthology Metamorphosis has been contracted by Aspen Mountain Press and will be released sometime this spring. So finally, all of you have proof that I can write something under 100k words. Hah! I win!

Now it's time for my annual shameless begging for votes.

The Gift of Redemption--Nominated for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel of 2008 by Preditors and Editors. Go vote here.The Gift of Redemption--nominated for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel of 2008 by Love Romance & More Cafe. Go vote here.(you will have to join the Yahoo group and then go to the Polls section o…