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The REAL Bell Witch Legend: Kate Meets General Andrew Jackson

It's difficult to narrow down the field of Kate's best moments--a top ten of terror, as it were. This haunting was so extreme and so beyond just about any other documented paranormal event that even her quieter activities are pretty damn amazing. So,I have to narrow this down a bit. Perhaps the most famous Bell Witch exploit is the story of Kate vs. Old Hickory, and as it's one of the reasons why the Bell case grew to such proportions, it only seems fair to devote a post solely to it. 
Andrew Jackson was, at the time of the haunting, a bona fide American hero. It's generally known that at least the two eldest Bell sons and possibly the third (Jesse, John Jr., and Drew) had served under Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. They were part of the original Tennessee Volunteers, which gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. All that being said, when word of the haunting reached the General's ears, he put together a party of men--including a man who was a 'witch-layer&#…