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Motivation Schmotivation


Boy, that was a bad pun.

At any rate, as much as I preach about writing something every day, i find myself staring helplessly at the computer screen for hours at a time. Granted, lately I've been so involved with things outside of my writing and inarguably more important (life issues suck) but what in the HECK happened to my ability to block everything else out and just write?

Part of it may have disintegrated when I discovered that a hospital waiting room is not the best place to write erotica--particularly when the asshole sitting behind you is reading over your shoulder (pig) and THEN gets offended. Talk about a mood killer. Needless to say, I mad sure to sit in a corner with my back to the wall after that.

Part of it may have to do with the fact that I'd initially said I would not write on deadline this summer in an attempt to get my "real" writing rhythm back--then collapsed morally and agreed to do not one but two contracted stories. Sometimes I have the b…