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she TOLD me to do it.

So anyway, my daughter has ORDERED me to write a blog entry tonight, despite the fact that towels are now molding on her bedroom floor, and anxiously awaits what I will say. I got a grudging "You're pretty funny, Mom!" from her earlier while she read through two years of posts, so I guess I should comply.

Today, I've been doing spring cleaning. Not normal spring cleaning, oh no of course not. I've been moving the living room to the study and the study to the dining room and the dining room to the living room. That way I can scrub all the baseboards and steam clean the floors and move all the furniture, which is the joy of my existence. Seriously. I love rearranging rooms, and I'll fiddle with them once or twice a month just for the hell of it.

At any rate, I threw out my back and broke a toe on my left foot.

Couch confinement may not be a choice when I wake up in the morning. It may be a requirement. Isn't that pitiful? I shouldn't give up so easily. The…