Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out of Hibernation

It's been a long time since I've been this busy.  I don't think I've ever had a stretch of out and out craziness since I started this blog.  Has it really been over two months since I posted here?  Wow!

Well, let's catch you up.

Editing has taken over long stretches of time at the Elf Killing desk.  Over the past few months, I've worked with a lot of authors both at Aspen Mountain Press and at Aurora Regency: Marguerite Butler two books--both Regencies in her Mad Hatterlys series), Kimberly Nee (two books, both historicals, in her McKenzie Brothers series at Aurora), Andy Dunn (a new author with a fabulous gay romantic comedy), Lizzie T. Leaf (two books--her Cougar Club hit Butterfly Kisses and the latest in her DEAD series of erotic paranormal romances), LB Gregg (two books: the fourth in her Men of Smithfield series In and Out and her really fabulous Halloween m/m erotic romance Dudleytown), Cindi Myers (two books, both reissues of her successful string of books from the nineties--A Willing Spirit  and  Patchwork Hearts), Jennifer Horsman (her re-release of Magic Embrace), Arabella Sheraton (one of our Aurora pre-launch Regencies The Dangerous Duke), Helen Hardt (her latest Cougar Club story, Calendar Boy, came out last Friday), Sloane Taylor (with three of her Naughty Ladies of Nice erotic romances), Cynnara Tregarth, Amber Skyze, Addison Avery, Colleen yeah, I've been swamped.  That's not even counting all the work we're doing to get ready for Aurora's official launch on October 15th.  Things have been hectic and wild and somehow, I'm managing to scrape through.

But things are also busy on the writing front. The second book in The Vampires Covenants series, Warding the Covenants, comes out this Friday.  Rob Graham and I co-authored that book and I'm so glad it's finally heading out the gate.  I've been really preoccupied with completing the final book in the series, Defending the Covenants.  This book is entirely mine--Rob is no longer involved with the project--and should be coming out from AMP in January.  I'm also still working on the fourth Mythos book, which I hope to finish before the end of the month.

And wait--there's still more--

It looks like my new fantasy project, Primordia, is going to be completed in time for me to pitch it at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus at the end of October. I'm very excited about it--it's different from anything I've ever written before.

So we shall see.

At any rate, here's a peek at the cover for Warding the Covenants, which comes out on Friday, and the blurb.  I hope you're looking forward to it!

When Marcellin Dautin is named the Elder of Venice, fledgling vampire Marguerite and her husband Gunther agree to accompany him in hopes of learning more about the Russian revolt against the Conclave of Elders. After an ancient renegade vampire murders the Doge, they are drawn into a dangerous hunt for the assassin.

But as Marguerite's powers grow, so too does the danger. Some vampires oppose Marcellin's rule over Venice, the renegade has begun to stalk Marguerite and her old Russian enemies are determined to capture her and the Elder's sword she bears. While Venice dances through the Carnivale season, Gunther must lay aside all restraint to protect his young wife. Can they remain true to the Covenants they've pledged to preserve or will their love shatter under the strain of Warding the Covenants?