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Stream of Conciousness

Well, life is never dull, is it? After going to fight with a fly-by-night car dealer who defrauded my daughter (I told the kid not to buy the car...) my fangs are totally itching. I just want to beat somebody.

Good thing I'm tending bar tonight.

We just got wifi here at the Fariview so now I can entertain myself during slow periods. My trusty laptop comes to work with me every day anyway, and I have lately discovered the joys of showing people my video trailers while I'm at work. Hopefully , some of them will BUY MY know, just to be different.

Promo would be very easy if all I had to do was spam the world with the words BUY MY BOOK. Shame it doesn't work that way. I'm getting my press kits (gasp! press kits? Are you KIDDING me?) ready for Asphodel. Apparently, I need a picture. *grin* Guess you guys finally get to find out what I look like. Oh dear.

Four more days until Harry Potter! yay!

So I'm sitting in the bar (I work in an hour) and all of t…