Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Month In The Life--April 16, 2010

And just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, that the halfway point of the month would make certain that I was over the hump of the hill of horrors, I got to go to my doctor's appointment this morning.  Considering the pain level yesterday and the results of my latest diagnostic tests, it's back to the operating table for me.  It's probably a good thing you're getting a month in the life now because next month I won't be posting much at all.  I have a reprieve until the end of RT, and then I'm going to have to take enough time off to recover from another foray under the surgeon's knife.


At any rate, I worked on more RT things this afternoon, and got about 11k written between the fourth Mythos book (this one's about Hercules!) and the third Covenants book (and oh the surprises coming there!) and spent another couple of hours doing research for a new project that's churning away at the back of my head--an alternate history set in Tudor England.

It was nice to spend some time as I used to spend it--working on my writing, doing some research and dwelling in that secret place in my head where all these ideas percolate into new and usually long stories. I'm looking forward to the day--not too far off--where I can live there exclusively for a couple of weeks.

Until then, I'll keep you up to date. 

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