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The Tragedy of George RR Martin--Discipline, Joy, and Speculative Fiction

Because I write speculative fiction, creating epic novels or series be they fantasy, sci fi, or paranormal is an advantage. Spec fic readers love to immerse themselves in a vast world capable of supporting huge plot arcs with hordes of characters to fall in love with and, in my worlds at least, grieve over after they suffer heinous deaths. That's the kind of interaction any writer craves for their readers. When I get hate mail for killing off favorite characters, I do a little happy dance around my desk. 
When readers get pissed enough to yell at me for killing off a character, that means I did my job right and I did it well. 
Because the readers were so emotionally invested in the story that they responded to that character's death with genuine feeling. 
The great thing about epic fiction is that you can kill off a lot of characters in a long, complex plot arc. 
But there are pitfalls, too. 
Sometimes, an epic plot arc can get away from a writer. I'm a very prolific…