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To catch you up

Ah, to kill an Elf.

That's what I do for a living, theoretically. In actual practice, I sell antiques and tend bar in order to support my Elf-killing habit. Could life get any better than this? Not until football season.

Right now, I'm finishing up Coils of the Dreamworld. It's the sequel to The Darkshifter's Empath, which is currently being *shopped.* *Shopped.* Sounds like my books are little Wal-marts. Makes me think of lots of little old people on work release from the home parking their carts in my way. What fun. At any rate, the books are designed to stand alone, although I suppose they could be compressed into a single book if anyone wanted to read 300,000 word long books that weren't required for class.

There are not, however, any Elves in Darkshifters. The Elves come into play in Asphodel, which is a ten book, two-series work I'm rewriting at the moment. I kill lots of Elves there. After a while, I began to find new and unusual ways to kill them…