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Aurora Regency Welcome To Spring Blog Contest!

As some of you know, I'm also the managing editor of Aurora Regency/Aurora Regency Historicals.  Aurora is running a Spring Blog contest, where readers can win downloads of Aurora books.  On this blog, one lucky reader (or more if the contest warrants it) can win a free Aurora book from any author they want!  Here's what you do--

First, add as a follower to the Aurora Regency blog at

Then, comment on the Spring Blog Contest post there --

Then, comment in this thread. 

If you do all three, you'll be eligible to win a free download from me and be registered to win a prize package of FIVE Aurora books from FIVE different authors on the Aurora blog!  Sounds easy, yes?  And, to make everything more...Spring-y, you can enter every participating Aurora author's contest.  Just once per blog, of course, but still...

Links to the participating authors…