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Let's Talk About Asshats Part Deux

Here's a question for you--why is it that the trolls who populate the internet rarely seem to have an idea of how the internet works? What's up with that? 

I mean--intelligent people see social media, websites, and blogs as a medium for their views, pastimes, hobbies, and thoughts, right? That's certainly why I use the internet and probably you as well. So how in the world does an asshat not realize that how they use the internet reflects upon their own behavior and mentality? 
Let's try a hypothetical situation and see if we can decipher this quandry. Let's say, for example, that a blogger writes a post a month or so back about the behavior of asshats. (for further reference, you might want to hypothetically check out my earlier post about asshats) And that one of the asshats I referred to in that post suddenly calls the nationally televised show he's been abusing non-stop on social media, and launches a five-minute diatribe about that same blogger.
During the…

Prejudice, Hate Speech, the First Amendment, and Online Interactions

Author's note--there are offensive words in this post, but they are used for a reason. In order to demonstrate the points regarding hate speech, the First Amendment, and the climate of our current society, the use of offensive terms is, in my opinion, necessary. If you are a bigot or a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, you might want to stop reading now. If you're neither, then continue.
This isn't the first blog post I've written today.

My latest satire piece on asshats comes out tomorrow afternoon. But I was involved in a couple of incidents today that have me questioning some of the tenets I've always supported unequivocally for my entire life--and that leads me to consider the dichotomy between freedom of speech and what it defends--hate speech. This evening, an online acquaintance of mine made an anti-gay comment that pretty much led me to see red--and when I challenged him regarding his comment, he replied that he had freedom of speech and could say anyt…