Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Red Letter Day

What an eventful week!

First I hurt my back again. Went to the doctor yesterday and discovered that the fall has herniated two more discs. TWO???? Are you kidding me?????

All I can say is ouch.

Second, this morning I got a headsup from a friend of mine that something "good" was happening at Love Romances E Cafe. Heading over there to check it out....okay, to be nosy....I discovered that I had been nominated for several of their "Best Of" awards for 2006! Oh

So, I was nominated for Best Paranormal book of 2006 with Goddess' Revenge and Best New Author of 2006. WOW! The GR cover was nominated for best art as well. Talk about stoked. I nearly peed myself.

So I pick up my laptop to start the celebratory shameless plugs for votes and all of a sudden, the power cord slaps against my knee. Confused, I stared at the exposed wires for a full two minutes before I realized what had happened. One glance at the guilty looking dog who sat staring at my stupidly and I knew what had happened.

The little son of a bitch had chewed through my power cord.

You'd be surprised how quickly a woman with two herniated discs can move when it comes to dog beating. Unfortunately, I was still not fast enough to catch the little bugger. At the moment, I'm baiting a trap with Alpo. When he springs it, it's leash on the collar and off to the pound.

Man, I hate dogs.

Then, I had a hell of a time getting the family computer to work. Some time ago, we installed passwords on it as parental controls. Unfortunately, I forgot what they were. After a phone call to the hubby, the line from "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" returned to my Alzheimer's ridden brain, and I was able to connect to the internet.

Only to discover that my edits for Asphodel are in.

Good thing I don't have a lot going on. Now I have LOTS of time to lay around and rewrite the stupid story. Woohoo!

But, at least I can call myself an award-winning author now! It's really a pity that I have to slap on my back brace and head off to work tonight. Otherwise, we might have gotten to see how my new prescriptions interact with Rolling Rock.

*sigh* It's going to be a long week. It'll be longer for the dog, though; trust me.