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Just paint a target on my forehead....

Why is it that every time I express a strong opinion I get creamed for it? Is it illegal for me to be convinced of something to the point where I can be passionate about it without someone lobbing a dart at my head? Am I THAT intimidating?

For example, over the past week the health situation within my family has deteriorated significantly. I expressed ONE opinion about what should happen next when it comes time to make health care decisions and I was lambasted for it by an aunt I haven't seen in ten years. Do you know what it's like to get a phone call EARLY one morning with someone squawking words like *ungrateful* *unfeeling* and *unsympathetic* at you? I mean, Jesus H. Christ! Come off it lady! You're just pissed because I'm in a position where my opinion counts and you are shunted off to the side as irrelevant.

Get a clue.

The upside of hospital waiting room for days on end is IF you have all of your edits downloaded you can get them ALL done.


Although si…