Gearing up for the release of Stalked by the Zozo Demon, which comes out next Friday, September 29. This book was co-authored with my friend and partner in crime, LiveSciFi founder and lead investigator Tim Wood, and I'm ridiculously excited.
Well, here's the back jacket copy. You tell me.

During the summer of 2017, LiveSciFi paranormal investigator Tim Wood and author Celina Summers conducted a real-life experiment where Wood contacted the demon known as Zozo every night for a month. Wood believed Zozo was a demon; Summers believed Zozo was a myth. The Zozo experiment was to be the first paranormal experiment live streamed to thousands of witnesses. Its purpose? To determine the validity of the Zozo entity once and for all.
But the experiment didn’t end. Demonic influence pursued both researchers through their subsequent investigations…and their daily lives. As the activity heated up, the questions grew more difficult to answer. Was there really an entity named Zozo? Or was…

Book Releases and Paranormal Teases

Welcome to my 500th blog post!

FINALLY--finishing up my last book project of the year and am gearing up for the busy time of my year, as opposed to the past seven months that have been so busy I haven't blogged much.

Confused yet? Welcome to my world.
First off, my nonfiction project is a paranormal book co-authored with LiveSciFi founder Tim Wood will be released on September 22, 2017. The book is entitled Stalked by the Zozo Demon: Paranormal Experiment Gone Wrong. This is not your normal paranormal book. Stalked by the Zozo Demon details the story of Tim Wood, who first encountered the Zozo entity at age nine and has been plagued by it ever since. During June and July, Tim conducted an experiment where he contacted the Zozo entity almost every night for a month. I documented the experiment and served as a control as well. The experiment yielded surprising--and terrifying--results, all of which were live streamed by the LiveSciFi YouTube channel. 
Here's what makes this boo…

The Happy Warrior

Our world is different different from the world we expected growing up. But one of the biggest differences is how our sense of community has changed. Once, our closest friends, our nearest and dearest, were people who lived in our hometowns, or worked at the same place, or went to the same school. Our acquaintanceships were local. But now, I find that everything is completely reversed. The only reason I know the neighbor's name on one side is because UPS delivered a package to my house by mistake last week. I'll probably have forgotten it here in a week or two. On the other side? I'm clueless.

But as a result, my community is now global. I know more about what my friend Scarlett in Scotland is doing than anyone who lives on my street. People with like minds and interests come together online, and in a remarkably short period of time are exchanging details about their lives, exchanging points of view, and creating close and palpable relationships with others they&#…

So Where The Hell Have You Been?

Yeah, yeah...I've been busy. I know. No one's heard much from me. 

That's true. I have fallen so far off the radar that I'm out of range the past few weeks. My usual beginning of the year project development faze lasted longer than usual, thanks to the back surgery on the last day of November. I sent four brand new novels to my agent--my work from 2016 in addition to the eight novels I self-published and the freelance writing and editing. 
Getting four novels ready for your agent to submit to publishers is a lot of work. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living. Sure, I'm an editor and have been for a long time. In the end, that only makes my first drafts cleaner than most and instills in me an incessant demand to tinker; to keep trying to perfect a manuscript that is, in the end, unperfectable. 
I have been doing a great deal of research also for a nonfiction project I'm currently working on, and considering a second nonfiction project as wel…

Baylor Rape Scandal for Blogcritics--Part Five

(This is the fifth article in a five part series analyzing athletes, universities, and crime. The primary focus of the series is the ongoing revelations from the rape scandal at Baylor University and was originally published at Blogcritics Magazine on February 4, 2017. I anticipate further articles will follow up this one.)

Welcome to NCAA: Fact or Fanatic, where we’ve reached the final installment of our analysis of athletes’ criminal behavior and the culpability that ensues. Once again, Texas attorney Kevin Lindstrom (who also writes for and Texas-based Laura Leigh Majer, special contributor to and Down and Dirty Sports, weigh in on the issues. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the fans’ part in the growing problem of student-athletes and crime, focused upon Baylor University and other schools with ongoing sexual assault issues.  One of the best places to gather information about how fans feel is The Paul Finebaum Show, a popular sports call-in show on t…

Baylor Rape Scandal for Blogcritics--Part Four

(This is the fourth article in a five part series analyzing athletes, universities, and crime. The primary focus of the series is the ongoing revelations from the rape scandal at Baylor University and was originally published at Blogcritics Magazine on January 12, 2017)
Welcome back to NCAA: Fact or Fanatic, where the season is over but the questions and problems remain. We’ve been taking a look at the staggering number of collegiate athletes who are committing crimes, and the universities’ responses. But there’s another entity we need to factor in here, and that’s the NCAA. How is it possible that the NCAA can cite a school for a violation because of a picture of the coach being too close to a recruit, but not weigh in at all on athletes committing crimes? For an example, let’s go back to Baylor. There isn’t a college football fan in the country who doesn’t know what went down at Baylor. New reports from women who were sexually assaulted continue to come out. The Pepper Hamilton report …