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The Crazy World of Chronic Pain Patients

So, I am a chronic pain patient. Thanks to an automobile accident in May of 2002, I now have a broken artificial disc in my spine that is prevented from severing my aorta by a spinal fusion. The rest of my spine is crumbling now as a result of the stress and the previous surgeries. Obviously, this is a painful and constantly deteriorating condition, and one that I deal with on a daily basis. As a result, I am a patient at a pain clinic here in Ohio. 
I absolutely love my pain management doctor. He is sympathetic and very good at what he does. But thanks to the growing restrictive laws regarding the treatment of chronic pain patients, his ability to help me is being hampered by the government we both pay taxes to. Right now, I'm going through something that many chronic pain patients have to endure, and I want to talk about it freely and honestly. Because for those of us in REAL pain, the laws have started to impede our ability to get the help we need. 
To start off with, the list …