About Me

Celina Summers is an author, freelance editor, and blogger. Her first fantasy series, The Asphodel Cycle, was originally published in 2007. The books in the series won numerous awards and nominations, including top ten placement in all four P & E Readers Polls for top fantasy and a prestigious Golden Rose nomination. Other publications include her sensual romance series Mythos, a short story collection Metamorphosis, and the Covenants Trilogy, co-authored with Rob Graham.
Celina has also been an editor for over a decade, the managing editor at two publishing houses, and the founder/editor of the speculative fiction magazine Penumbra. She is now focused solely on her writing career, and has branched out from traditional speculative fiction into contemporary literary fantasy under the pseudonym CA Chevault.

Celina is married, has two grown daughters and several grandchildren--even though she is entirely too young at her soon-to-be permanent of 49. Her husband, Shannon, is a computer security analyst, and together they foster abandoned cats and litters, all too often adopting another permanent resident to join the huge patio in the backyard. Celina is a devout fan of Tennessee footall, and a regular caller to the Paul Finebaum show on the SEC Network. Aside from writing and reading, she blogs, watches some reality television, and ticks off the neighbors by creating anatomically correct snowmen in the front yard--weather permitting underneath her perpetually flying Volunteers flag. You can find her at the bar every Saturday during college football season, cussing at random television sets--unless she's in Knoxville.