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Curiouser and Curiouser

Explain this to me, damnit.

No, really.

I have been working on Asphodel for TWENTYish years. (okay, okay, only working really hard for three) I am STILL revising the damn thing. Yesterday, I rewrote/revised/edited 18 chapters of the first books.

In mscelinaland, that's approximately 350 pages, by the way.

Goddess' Revenge I wrote in two days. Two days. In Isabelle Spurrier's land (nice psuedonym, eh? It's all because I hate the head football coach at South Carolina....He Who Shall Remain Nameless) that's approximately 50 pages.

Asphodel is still on the market--back on the market I should say. Goddess' Revenge is sold.

All I could say when I opened the email was "Are you fucking kidding me?" I think I said it about five times. Then, of course, I couldn't download all the little attachments with the contract, etc. So I had to write back like a dumbass and ask the editor-in-chief to resend them.

They still didn't work.

I forwarded the email from my Hotma…