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Let's Bring Cursed: The Bell Witch to a Merciful Close

First off, let me apologize for not posting this blog earlier. I'm recovering (slowly)from strep and not only could I not blog about the show, I couldn't even watch the show.

Only so much crap one can endure when sick. 
Apparently, I didn't miss too much since the first thing that happened the final episode was a pagan ceremony to appease the 'sentinel' that started the curse because John Bell desecrated the land--a ceremony that goes back centuries and was even mentioned by Julius Caesar in his self-aggrandizing book Commentaries on the Gallic Wars. Ancient Druids used to burn actual people, but later ones, instead of burning a human (as we Christians would be doing only a few centuries later) constructed an effigy of straw or wicker and set it on fire on the summer solstice. Pagans, Wiccans, and other non-Judeo-Christian religions and/or groups still practice this ceremony today. In fact, the ceremony has evolved into a popular kind of festival such as the Burni…

Super-Geeky God Is Good The Real Holidays Are Here Week of Nirvana

It's the most wonderful time of the year...
Geeks unite! Our Nirvana week has arrived. First, during the Agents of Shield midseason finale came this:

You know, Agents of SHIELD just keeps getting better and better, and this season's journeys to the alternate planet have highlighted some of the best work the series has done yet. Cannot wait for the rest of the season because it's looking like it's going to be kind of awesome. Oh and Clark Greggson--man, that hand. You should have kept it and had it framed for your office. 
Then, a couple of days later, I got to see this:

The Apocalypse storyline has always been one of my absolute favorites. How can you NOT love the idea of that story on the big screen? And James McAvoy...dude. I don't recommend bald as a look for you, but damn you're dead on Professor X now! 
Then, Friday night, came this lovely little bit of Grimm reality:

I am wholly in love with the show Grimm. Have been since day one. And I totally hated it …