Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whew! Of Books, Magic, and Bitches

Wow, is my life busy these days! Too busy even to blog, which is quite odd since I rarely resist the opportunity to blow off steam.

The release date of Goddess' Revenge is September 15. I'm kind of glad it's a few months away (commitments piling up here) but then again I'm a little peeved as well. September 15th????? I have to go to the Tennessee-Florida football game that weekend! Damnit, now writing is going to interfere with FOOTBALL? No one warned me about THAT.

Plus, over at the Dragon's Den (my writing group), Chum had to pull out of developing the magic system so I took it on. I took his admittedly brilliant concept and developed the religion, mythology, and magic limitations from it. You know what? I LOVED IT! I've not had this much fun (creatively) in a long time. I may pay him to conceptualize my magic systems from now on--his ideas are so much more creative than mine that working with them was pure pleasure.

Then, to top it all off, there's been a kerfuffle involving Changeling Press. A huge blog war has commenced which I must admit I considered getting involved in just for the sheer bitchiness of it. After all, we authors are whiny bitches who look down upon our readers....oh, wait. Is that true? *looks down at her readers--all two of them* Check out if you want to see how a blogger can start and rumor, scotch it bitchily, and then manage to offend all sorts of people all across the globe. yep, she thrives on it, obviously, not really giving a rat's ass about whose feeling she might hurt or what-have-you. Personally, I find the whole thing kind of ridiculous. It is very easy to criticize something or someone when you have no real knowledge of what it is they do or how they feel. And, of course, I'm sure that all the authors out there are whiny bitches who look down upon their readers -- after all, I'm guilty of that, aren't I? In point of fact, it's easy for any self-proclaimed expert to babble on endlessly about their perceived wrongs and insults paid them. After all, there's no degree quite so satisfying as the one you give yourself, is there? After all, if you need proof, check this out--it's fallout from the same blog: -- more total retardedness on MANY parts. Do I solely blame the bloggers? No, I don't, although I think it's much easier to spout off your mouth about something than to try to do it yourself. Do I blame the authors for getting into an uproar? No, I don't. First, the rumor spreads that their publishing company is going under (which it is NOT), then material is posted without permission (do that to anything but this blog and my attorney will call you!), then their products are called everything from donkey's balls to unadulterated shit.

Very mature, ladies. Very mature.

Of course they're pissed. I'm pissed for them. BUT, I can't help but think that the bloggers have every right to their (admittedly biased and bullshit) opinions. Let 'em rant! Who gives a fuck? I don't. Does some bitchy wannabe in England affect my self-esteen as a writer. *snort!* Hell, no. Does a camp follower from California make sit up and question what it is that I do? Are you kidding me? My MOM couldn't make me do that!

The fact of the matter is that there are those who DO and those who WISH THEY DID. I know what category I fall into. Do you? Grow up, already. Oh, and please--comment on this blog. I'd appreciate it if you directed your insipidity at me--who am not involved - rather than people whose hard work and creative effort you evidently despise. There are no self-proclaimed oracles here--particularly not ones who misspell contractions without effort and can't be bothered to worry about what their idiocy leads to.

If people would get paid for stupidity, they would be a lot of very wealthy people with blogs.