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Whew! Of Books, Magic, and Bitches

Wow, is my life busy these days! Too busy even to blog, which is quite odd since I rarely resist the opportunity to blow off steam.

The release date of Goddess' Revenge is September 15. I'm kind of glad it's a few months away (commitments piling up here) but then again I'm a little peeved as well. September 15th????? I have to go to the Tennessee-Florida football game that weekend! Damnit, now writing is going to interfere with FOOTBALL? No one warned me about THAT.

Plus, over at the Dragon's Den (my writing group), Chum had to pull out of developing the magic system so I took it on. I took his admittedly brilliant concept and developed the religion, mythology, and magic limitations from it. You know what? I LOVED IT! I've not had this much fun (creatively) in a long time. I may pay him to conceptualize my magic systems from now on--his ideas are so much more creative than mine that working with them was pure pleasure.

Then, to top it all off, there…