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An Odd Week

Yep, this week has been very strange. We finally have both the invalids back home, out of the hospital, and in the bosom of our family. Last week, I wanted to strangle my daughter. This week, we're close again. Last week, my father in law looked like hell, this week he looks almost normal. I was sick at the beginning of week, now my husband doesn't feel well, and the brat (otherwise known as mini-me) is out for the night at a birthday party.

Thank god.

I received another review today from I was excited about it because it's a more in-depth review with both praise and criticism. The beginning starts like this--

The Reckoning of Asphodel, by Celina Summers, is traditional high fantasy,
with chivalric knights and wood-wise elves, beautiful princesses and wise female
seers, good and evil sorcerers and magicians. It's written in the language
typical of the genre. It is, however, much better written, with more complex
characters and situations, than many similar book…