Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I never thought I'd blog about this, but wow am I depressed.

I can't believe my back is wrecked AGAIN. Just....can' The only good thing about that is that it increases my writing time because I can't DO anything.

I shouldn't be depressed about my writing. Edits for Asphodel--although frighteningly comprehensive--are going well and The Stone Table is getting rave reviews but still...I don't feel like I'm producing anything worthwhile. I want to get back to working on NEW stuff.

Despite all my blatherings about how discipline can overcome the power of the Muse, I have to admit that the Muse is kicking me around the head and affecting my discipline. My story idea file is getting bigger and bigger while my pile of rewrites and edits grows twice as quickly.


I don't even want to get into what I'm going through with the family. Let's just say that I'm having to teenager proof my home. Although I would love to have a *perfect* world existing in my family circle, unfortunately I have to deal with the real one.

Yes, she's still alive. For now. *snort!*

Oh well. Time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and do something productive. I can't believe February is over already. Man that sucks.