Someone stop the world, please

Jesus. Has it really been that long? Yep, it has. I haven't written a WORD in three weeks. Naturally, that will change today, but for the moment it's kind of....refreshing.

Refreshed is a good word to use here. Today, I WANT to write. Oh sure, I was able to jot down some stuff while sitting in the ICU waiting room for endless days on end.

Ideas, mostly; a few snippets of conversation or character sketches. I amused myself one day for hours and developed a whole new world to play with---no characters yet, but I'm working on it. Or at least, I will....if I can ever get caught up with my edits.

*pauses for semi-hysterical laughter*

Yeah. Like that will happen. I'll never get caught up. Never. Yes, I realize that is negative. I thrive on negativity. It goads me. Leave me alone; I'll never change.

So anyway, I'm back. Spidey 3 is out (no I haven't seen it. do you think I have time for a movie?) and Pirates will be out soon and we're only a couple of months away from the last Harry Potter book. I've got my schedule cleared (barring any more family emergencies) and I'm getting ready to really settle into a hefty writing stretch. Then we'll see what happens.

Of course, it would be a lot easier if someone stopped the world and let my life catch up.


Daniel Ausema said…
Good to have you back! Best of luck with all the writing and edits and everything else.

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