Kitten Torture 101

Okay, we all know the kitten is whacked. Seriously whacked. I mean, she likes to swim. Now I'm convinced that my whole *Kitten is the antichrist* entry from a while back is more accurate than I care to admit. She's developed a new regimen of human torture and is getting quite experienced at it.

For example, she now expresses love with love bites. Cute, right? Not at freaking 5 am it isn't! Every night, I am awakened by the sensation of tiny teeth piercing my skin in the dark. *Purr, purr, purr, chomp, chomp, chomp.* Barring throwing the little thing at the wall (which has crossed my mind) there really isn't a way to break her of the habit.

Her favorite sleeping place? The laptop--when I'm working on it. The mouse pad -- when I'm working on the desktop. The bathtub ---empty, full, or not. The cutting board when she thinks I'm not looking.

THE WASHING MACHINE. Barely avoided a nasty series of events there.

So now here I am trying to meet these vicious deadlines, and I have a kitten swinging from my ankle. Literally. I'm sitting in a chair with my legs crossed and she is swinging from the claws and teeth embedded into sweats, socks, and skin.

Nice kitty. Does this mean that Armageddon is going to happen in the kitchen?

Oh, and by the way, I like this template better. Pink is SOOOOOOOOO not me. *grin*


Crystal Stone said…
I like this template myself...And as for kitchens they can be pure hell....I have four cats...after they were grown and out of the kitchen stage...what did i go and do I got a that is worst then kittens let me tell you...
annalisa said…
Don't ya just love kittens!! I can identify with what you are going through. When our cat was six weeks old, she used to love to climb up me. I finally started wearing denim overalls just so I didn't get too scratched up. I would never know when she would take a flying leap and land on my back. Whenever I would sit down, she would claw her way up my leg. Boy, those sharp little claws hurt! Now she likes to jump up on my computer keyboard and play with the monitor - she likes to try to catch the cursor. LOL :)
jennybrat said…
Heh heh about the kitten love bites. I'm one of those people who can't read white text well against black background, so perhaps you can change the text colour.
Cathy said…
Well you can't say the cat has no personality. I would love a kitten, that have great entertainment vaule. Unfortunately, hubby is allergic.
Cathy said…
I am still giggling about your kitten woes.
Pamk said…
rofl I am sorry but i wouldn't just think about throwing the kitty cat but it probably would have happened the first night. I am not a happy person when I am woke up in the middle of the night as my hubby.

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