Isabelle's Contest

Hmmm.....I see some new people. Don't forget, those of you directed to this blog by Isabelle Spurrier, the brat of erotica, that you must comment on the blog to be eligible for the contest. Unlike Isabelle, who tends to like flattery, I have no problem with you saying what you really think. It's very easy to get offended if you read this blog.

Consider that fair warning.

On the other hand, it's also fairly easy to be entertained. Enjoy!


Crystal Stone said…
I love this blog so far...I dont get offended very easily...
Cherie said…
this is a great blog.

Evadne said…
Killing elves sounds like a blast. Have fun!!
Michelle B said…
I also have a kitty named peanut the loves to do love bites (& they can hurt). He also likes to reach up like a kid and have you pick him up, especially when you are on the computer. My other cat likes to play fetch with his green pom pom ball. Any particular reason you like to kill elves????
Pamk said…
rofl I don't get offended easily either. Lol love the title on some of your posts now I am off to actually read some more of them.
Cathie said…
My first visit here and this place and blog posts are neat! Gonna look around to see what fantasy books you wrote!
And too Isabelle's new book is out today.

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