Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's Talk About Asshats Part Deux

Here's a question for you--why is it that the trolls who populate the internet rarely seem to have an idea of how the internet works? What's up with that? 

I mean--intelligent people see social media, websites, and blogs as a medium for their views, pastimes, hobbies, and thoughts, right? That's certainly why I use the internet and probably you as well. So how in the world does an asshat not realize that how they use the internet reflects upon their own behavior and mentality? 

Let's try a hypothetical situation and see if we can decipher this quandry. Let's say, for example, that a blogger writes a post a month or so back about the behavior of asshats. (for further reference, you might want to hypothetically check out my earlier post about asshats) And that one of the asshats I referred to in that post suddenly calls the nationally televised show he's been abusing non-stop on social media, and launches a five-minute diatribe about that same blogger.

During the course of this tirade of asshattery, the asshat says the following, "I see what she says on the Twitter even though I have her blocked and the blog post she wrote about me." 

Does the asshat not realize he's just given the blogger's post a sudden explosion of hits as callers who hate his asshat ass click on the very-conveniently posted link to that particular blog post? And does the asshat not realize that by confessing that he follows the blogger's Twitter feed despite having her blocked is a confession that he has a sockpuppet account? And that he is admitting to the world that he's so obsessed with the blogger he calls a "witch", "that damn woman", "a idiot", et cetera that he is literally cyber-stalking her?

Let's take that a step further. 

It takes a serious asshat to go on a misogynistic rant on a national TV show and not comprehend what he is revealing about himself. That's asshattery that's off the charts on the asshat scale. The asshat couldn't have been more clear about his bigotry if he'd said, "By the way, I hate ALL women but especially that damn woman who dares to laugh at me, shred my ego, use me as an example of asshattery, and refuses to be intimidated by my bigotry. Why? Because I'm an asshat." 

Here's the deal--asshat who allegedly has 'blocked' me and yet continues to follow my every word online. That's just hilarious. Every insult you throw at me is music to my ears. There's nothing but laughter in my heart when you run around and prove to the world what an idiot you really are--a bona fide nutcase who proclaims his asshattery like it's a campaign slogan. And what makes it even funnier is that I KNOW you are reading this blog post, and I KNOW you know it's about you. 

Being an asshat must be tough. So many genetic disadvantages to overcome. 

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