Monday, April 20, 2009


Because a family emergency is preventing me from attending a scheduled chat, I'm running a biiiiiiiiig contest today. You can find details on Love Romances ECafe.

Just shout out in the comments of this post, and you can win too!

So sorry--I hate to post and run, but I have to get on the road.


Maurya said...

Hi Celina

I'm sorry about your emergancy taking you away from us. Hope all gets resolved quickly! Great contest, btw!


tinkandalissa said...

Yay contests! Cant wait for the book!

Marianne Stephens said...

I hope everything is okay with your family! There's always something goin on, isn't there?
BTW, I checked your last post...amen, sister! Good looks don't mean a's what's inside that counts. Too bad the media plays up "thin is in" and women believe it. Ever watch the Janet Dickenson Modeling Agency reality show? The woman is ruthless about her models being ultra-thin. Scary to think young people trust her.

judiebabie said...

Hi Celina,

Emergencies happen to all of us, at least you were able to get where you had to go! Contests rock, so let the winning of the books begin!

Mary B said...

Shout! Shout!

I'm using my outside voice and everything. < g >

Tami said...

How totally cool is this contest! Thanks for posting it!

I can't wait till you get home!

lastnerve said...

Thanks for the cool contest! Let us know how your family is doing!

Babyblue22 said...

I hope eveeryone will be okay and that you get where your going safely.
Did you say contest??
You don't have to ask twice.
Count me in! ;-)

Peter said...

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