Friday, November 02, 2007

Break time

Wow, have I written a lot in the last twenty-eight hours or so. My word count for TGTD is standing a little over 12k at the moment. Granted, I'm hyper-writing because I know that my word count of Saturday will be....drumroll please! Football, you know. *sigh*

So anyway, at the moment I'm switching gears from work to work. Booze to tea, as it were. I'm flexing my mental muscles before I try to squeeze in another few hundred words.

Or maybe I'll just go to sleep and wake up early.

At any rate, the whole concept behind Terella is pretty intense. I've brainstormed it with a few friends of mine at the bar. In a nutshell, the concept is this: What would happen if God were an atheist?

Yeah. Gave me pause too.

Basically, Terella was created by a goddess in her infancy. She played with it like a girl with dolls and a dollhouse. She created her own little dreamworld, populated it, gave each little doll a history...and then, she was 'born.' She ends up on her own dreamworld without any recollection of who she is. She travels through Terella and as she interacts with the people, she develops a dislike for the organized religion of the world--a religion that worships her. She becomes an atheist, gathering followers to her as she goes, and before long--

Yeah. That's where I get stuck too. I'll figure it out eventually. *grin* If nothing else, it should be an interesting trip.


Arachne Jericho said...

If she's gathering followers... and she's the god...

:sees things going boom:
:or going in a swirly event horizon sort of thing:

mscelina said...

could be. we shall see. As my friend Dan liked to say during the first draft of Darkshifters, "Not all is as it seems."


Pete said...

Reminds me, in a passing way, of the classic "Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazny, which you should read if you haven't done so, because everyone should read Zelazny... :)

But I really like the sound of it. I'd read it.

Daniel Ausema said...

I know you swear it won't be the final line of Coils of the Darkworld...but I'm sure it will eventually, when all rewrites and edits are done :)

Funny the mention of Lord of Light, as I just started reading that this weekend.

Best of luck writing the new story!

Daniel Ausema said...

Errr, Dreamworld, I mean :)