Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trolling, trolling, trolling...

Okay, since my latest little procedure on my back will keep me prone for three days, I've been spending my time scouring the web for fantasy novel review sites.

Do you know how annoying that is?

Any time I find one, I have to research it. Is it a scam site? How are their reviews? Are they are FABULOUS books or all they all HORRIBLE books? Which ones carry crediblity? Which ones are a front for people looking to resell ARCs or e-books after they 'review' your novel?

How irritating! I've probably looked at well over two hundred sites and have only submitted Asphodel to fifteen of them. Granted, some of them don't accept e-pubs or small press. Almost all of them have expressed a serioius disdain for vanity published or PODs. And a few don't even have guidelines for submission.

Anyone out there have any ideas? Suggestions? Valium? *anybody want to write me a nice raving little plug that I can use instead?*

I'm hoping that eventually this will all pay off. I already received one review request and my fingers are getting crossed. Now I'll see if I can get ANY of my medicine to work so I can get some sleep.

Another odd note: I was so distracted (euphemism for drugged with anesthesia) that I watched Manchester United play Chelsea in soccer (sorry, Brits--football) this afternoon. Interesting game.

But I still like American football better. Oh well! Back to trolling.


Damon said...

Was nice to see you stop by our site. It has been tough for us as we used to review Vanity, POD, and ebooks when we first started. The problem is for every gem you find about 50 bad books and with the amount of books we get for review we just couldnt take those odds. To top it all off though, giving a vanity author, epub author, POD author a bad review 80% of the time they come back and bitch about it. For authors under a bigger publishing umbrella we dont seem to have the same issue or if we do, we have some sort of path to take to calm these authors down.

mscelina said...

Thanks, Damon.

Yes, I can completely understand your position. I have a problem with people who 'fuss' because their work received a bad review. I do a lot of critique work with my writers' group and I've found that the more mature authors take criticism well whereas the newer writers try to find fault with the crit as opposed to their work.

Personally, for me at any rate, I'm able to take any comment. My buddies at the Dragon's Den have taught me...especially Bibsy the grammar Nazi. If she didn't pick on my commas and adverbs I'll still use them WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much. I was taught as a wee little author that, no matter how bad the review, take a moment to write a note and THANK the reviewer for actually READING your work. It's only common courtesy.

That being said, feel free to tear my novel up! ;)

Barbara A. Barnett said...

Commas? Adverbs? I would never pick on those. :p

But seriously, what I may have to pick on now is your belief that American football is better. :p