Who needs to blog when...

.....you can make movies instead. This new program is addictive. Check out the Doom Bunny movie I made for Bibsy!


The reason for all of this movie making frenzy? Well, let's just say other people don't know how to drive in the snow. Our van ended up in a ditch--hard--yesterday morning thanks to some idiot in a "four wheel drive" truck. Quite nice.

What was even nicer was the hospital trip afterward.

So, once again, I am laid up in bed and not permitted to move. Even I can't write for all those hours straight, so I've been amusing myself with making movies instead. I started looking into this because some authors I am acquainted with pay people to make promos for them. I wanted to see how easy it was.

It's not easy. It's not that hard, either. It is meticulous work, however, so I don't advise trying it if you're in the slightest bit easy to annoy.

Ten a.m.--time for more medicine.


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