Thursday, January 04, 2007

And the Number One Reason NOT to eat at Taco Bell is.....

....ecoli, but that's not what this entry is about. Instead it is about the number two reason not to eat at Taco Bell and that's food poisoning.

I've never been poisoned before, although I'm sure some people have considered it seriously. Granted, this poisoning was an *accidental* poisoning brought on by poor sanitation and food preservation procedures (yep, had to get my dig in) but for pete's sake! After sickening loads of people with ecoli in Pennsylvania and the other northeastern states, would it have been TOO much to ask for a Taco Bell in Southern Ohio to actually made CERTAIN that the shredded chicken was good? yep, I watched New Year's Eve ushered in from the depths of my sickbed, and Dick Clark looked marginally better than I did.

If you've never had your stomach pumped, by the way, I don't recommend it even as a sado-masochistic exercise. I must admit, however, that I DID take notes. You never know when such a thing might some in handy in future stories. It's amazing what I go through for my art. *sigh*

At any rate, today is the first day I can hold my head up in five days or so, and even then only propped up by loads of pillows. I have to crank out some promotion for the Shequanti---which I'm now over a week behind on -- and I have to figure out what the latest controversy in DD is. All I know about it at the moment is one of my good friends is apologizing for using the term *fucking* to me in a post.

Yeah, don't go there. I didn't either.


B. A. Barnett said...

Don't sweat the DD Controversy That Wasn't. Apologetic soul in question expressed annoyance with a lack of communication over the coin passing issue, most of us interpreted his comment as him wanting to pull out of the antho project, he said that wasn't the case and was afraid he had offended us.

Anyway, hope you're feeling better. I look forward to the story in which you put your newfound stomach pumping knowlege to use. :)

Uno said...

Post the notes! Please, please post the notes. I could use a laugh.

Glad you're able to lift your head. Small mercies and all. Welcome back.

Not like you to be eating fast food in the first place, though. I'm thinking here of being scolded once upon a time because the baked beans I was cooking were from a tin, rather than a secret and probably occult recipe.

Daniel Ausema said...

Yuck--no fun at all. Best of luck as you try to make up for lost time (and feel better!).

Samantha Iriks said...

Hope you feel better!! Don't let those deadlines wear you down too much!!