A Long-Suffering Sigh

Isn't life grand? The whole plagiarism thing really got my blood pressure spiked last night--it's the one thing I cannot reconcile with posting work on the internet. Getting up every morning and googling your own titles or character names just to make certain some yabbo hasn't stolen it is beyond annoying. You know what's even more annoying?

How absolutely ridiculous some people are.

I read in the Dragon's Den yesterday about how joey (moderator at fw.org) found one of her stories (just published in Quantum Muse) on this imbecile's blog, and how, consequently, Bibsy found one of hers as well. So, I went to check it out for two reasons: first off, I couldn't comprehend that someone was really that abyssmally stupid (stole stories and didn't even change the titles? come on, already!) and second, to see if there were any other stories I recognized. Naturally, I found a third theft....apparently this ignoramous only likes to steal from one ezine.

At any rate, this morning as I frantically tried to meet my deadline (and I did but just barely) there's a new post on Dragon's Den. It's a link to joey's livejournal. Interested in what she had to say about the whole thing, I went to read what she'd said.

Therefore, I quote: And Celina popped her head up in our defence (well, I think it was more in defence of Bibsy). And while I have no wish to have anything to do with Celina, it was still decent of her. Or maybe I see too much good in people, and she was just sticking her nose in? End quote. Gee, in a way that was kind of ....nice....sort of. :)

Well, joey, probably a bit of both. True, it was Bibsy's situation I was familiar with originally, but I've read enough of your stories to recognize Hoff. I was sticking my nose in, but by the same token I hate plagiarists. I think it's important that all writers works together to eliminate those little bottom feeders no matter where they are lurking as I'm sure you should remember.

But,then, a moment of ROFLMAO! Are you kidding me? The faery queen is 'eeked out'! Let me eek you guys out too. Believe it or not, I still have *contact* with many people at fantasy writers. org. I even drop by and check up on the forums occasionally just for shit and giggles. *grin* Granted, I haven't done so in quite some time because I've noticed a definite trend towards mind-numbing inadequacy on the boards there as of late. If I'm still being *told stuff* it's because I still associate with the same group of people online. Oh, and make no mistake--my *banning* from fw.org was entirely voluntary, a suicide if you will. The thing that should really *eek you out*, tfq, is the fact that you're still obsessing about a confrontation from six months ago when, quite frankly, I haven't thought about it until today.yH

Eeked out. Like the *shame* of leaving fw.org would drive me offline, or keep from communicating with people who are my friends. And, for the record, if it had been tfq's story stolen I would have said the same thing.

Make no mistake: I hate plagiarists. Hate them. It's a bleeding shame that young writers' early publishing experiences are ruined because of thievery. It's cowardly, absolutely dim-witted, and completely illegal. Whether it's bibsy or particleman or joey or tfq--my opinion remains the same. But the rest of it? That I can laugh at. Thanks for the laugh, tfq.


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