Tuesday, November 14, 2006


--is a word. Irregardless is not. Despite the overwhelming compulsion around these here parts to start off ponderous sentences with the phrase, "Irregardless of how you feel--" it is STILL not a word.

Think I'm annoyed? I am. I had an editor reject a short story of mine today with the phrase *irregardless of the fine quality of your writing style...*

So tell me, pig, exactly HOW did you become an editor anyway? Hmmmm? It certainly didn't evolve from your stellar grades in post-graduate English studies, did it? Regardless of your pedigree, you obviously are misemployed.


So the new house deal is SLOWLY creeping to a conclusion -- allegedly.
I'll beleive it when I see it. All I see right now is LOTS of boxes. Oh, and very active cats. Did you know that, regardless of how you try, you can't prevent a cat from trying to see what's inside a closed and sealed box?

More interesting news--my daughter broke up with her psycho-pig boyfriend this weekend THANK GOD. Regardless of the fact that he called her cell phone NINETY times in TWELVE hours this weekend to harass her, she decided that a long-distance relationship with a psychotic stalker boyfriend was an undesirable thing at the moment.

Thank you, gods. I might have to light a fire or two to celebrate, regardless of the forest fire woes ongoing in other, less damp parts of the country.

And then, regardless of what anyone else says, my mother-in-law is extremely annoying.

Get the point? Irregardless of whether you do or not, I did. *grin*


B. A. Barnett said...

Irregardless of the fine quality of your writing style? Oh dear god, which market was this so that I may mock them accordingly?

Daniel said...

Please, do tell us, if not here, then over at DD where it's not publicly accessible.

Best of luck with the moving!

Samantha Iriks said...

You spelt "believe" wrong... :P hehehe... irregardless of your triumph speech about proper english!


mscelina said...

a couple of point, Sam:

first off, I don't BELIEVE I ever claimed to have perfect grammar. Perhaps next time, read the blog before you make a smartass comment.

second off, I think you wanted to use the word 'triumphant' as opposed to triumph. Triumph is a noun, triumphant is an adjective, which most grammarians customarily use to modify nouns i.e. - speech.

Thanks for playing. Let me know when you have more ammunition.

Samantha Iriks said...

Geez, i hope you didn't take me seriously! And I had purposely made the errors in my own reply. Lighten up, please.

Simon/Yaga said...

As an alternative to diplomacy, Sam, you could've pointed out that it's a couple of points, not "point".

**hides the wooden spoon**

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