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Book Releases and Paranormal Teases

Welcome to my 500th blog post!

FINALLY--finishing up my last book project of the year and am gearing up for the busy time of my year, as opposed to the past seven months that have been so busy I haven't blogged much.

Confused yet? Welcome to my world.
First off, my nonfiction project is a paranormal book co-authored with LiveSciFi founder Tim Wood will be released on September 22, 2017. The book is entitled Stalked by the Zozo Demon: Paranormal Experiment Gone Wrong. This is not your normal paranormal book. Stalked by the Zozo Demon details the story of Tim Wood, who first encountered the Zozo entity at age nine and has been plagued by it ever since. During June and July, Tim conducted an experiment where he contacted the Zozo entity almost every night for a month. I documented the experiment and served as a control as well. The experiment yielded surprising--and terrifying--results, all of which were live streamed by the LiveSciFi YouTube channel. 
Here's what makes this boo…